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One-of-a-Kind Rarities

Home Remedies

1,801 home remedies doctor-approved treatments for everyday health problems

INTRODUCTION      This e-book contains a lot of home remedies and preventive medicine techniques.   PURPOSE      If you are looking for alternative ways to address your medical or health-related problems, this e-book might be suitable. Packed with over 1801 suggested home remedies that benefit you. Of course, nothing substitutes for consulting your

Prudent, Practical, and Sensible Preparedness: Self-Reassurance in Times of Uncertainty

   In summary, this is a condensed view of continual prepping that never ends due to the ever-changing and challenging world we live in today. Practical preparedness through legitimate suitable means is the only best option available, with ever-increasing local and global tensions rising.    The e-book is about being prepared in the best way

Practical Counselor: Therapist of the Future

INTRODUCTION   The Practical Counselor is an artificial intelligence chatterbot that simulates a session between you (the patient) and the computer (the therapist). It utilizes an exciting and fun dialog of preprogrammed response. PURPOSE    The Practical Counselor is for entertainment only. The computer program simulates a psychologist’s session using preprogrammed responses. The responses can

Truth Finder: Analytical Thinking Tool

INTRODUCTION    The Truth Finder is an interactive program that parses a user-input set of logical premises and then attempts to determine their validity; thus, assisting analytically in drawing conclusions. PURPOSE    The Truth Finder deals with deductive reasoning using a major or primary premise, minor premises, and drawing conclusions based on your information. If

Expert Decision Analyst: Optimal Final Analysis

INTRODUCTION     The Expert Decision Analyst assists you in making the best decision from your list of choices. It works by prying relevant information and then organizing it in a meaningful, quantitative, and systematic manner.   PURPOSE      The Expert Decision Analyst assists you in making the most intelligent decisions to the fullest