What is the general content policy in comments and forums at © Shamrock Novelties Express? 

General Content Policy

What is the policy of general content at © Shamrock Novelties Express?  This policy is website-specific due to the nature of its theme. It will be iterated on specific considerations as needed. Are ads related to general considerations allowed? Yes, ads can reference past, current, or proposed products, or any product-specific equivalent. Are references to general events allowed under this policy?  Yes, references to historical products or current products with any number of product content categories. While permitted, such content should take into account other people’s sensitivities.

Policy Enforcement

How will people be able to report ads that may violate this policy? People can report content in the forums. The WebMaster will prioritize and review reported content. Are there any landing page issues with the policy? No, an ad’s landing page can be directly linked to people or entities; provided, the content, advocating for judicial, legislative, or regulatory outcomes, considers other people’s sensitivities.

Ad Publication Exemption 

Do ad publishers have restrictions? No, ads promoted by ad publishers may include advocacy for or against topics or advertisers. In addition to the General Content Policy, ad publisher-exempt advertisers must comply with applicable laws regarding disclosure and content requirements for the countries they advertise. Does the monthly unique visitor’s threshold vary per country?  There is a different threshold for global or country-level targeting. To advertise globally, the publication’s website must have some level of monthly unique visitors worldwide. To advertise within this website, the publication’s website must have at least 50 monthly unique visitors.

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