The Practical Counselor: Your Computerized Therapist of the Future



  The Practical Counselor is an artificial intelligence chatterbot that simulates a session between you (the patient) and the computer (the therapist). It utilizes an exciting and fun dialog of preprogrammed response.




   The Practical Counselor accepts user input, breaks your information into sentences, and checks each sentence for keywords or phrases. It processes a list of synonyms to match equivalent words. For each key, find the parse pattern that is a helpful way to parse the sentence. It does not perform a complete evaluation. Instead, do a simple pattern matching process. Sometimes, you need to use the key in a phrase to create the default response. Then program applies the reorganization pattern to facilitate a response to distributed input and is usually just a transform. For example, if the user types “I have a strange dream.” the code picks the dream switch and realizes that the user claims to have a dream. “What is that dream for you? Did you suggest it?” If the program cannot find a response pattern, she may refer to the previous statement and ask the user for more details. If there is no entry saved and no matching keyword, the program will generate a none keyword to make it work. You usually choose from a bunch of default responses “Can you elaborate?” The program’s refactoring inserts some user input into the predefined response. The results are meaningless and can have grammatical meanings.

Overall Summary

   The software operates with functionality and utility. It works with Windows 11 10 (64-bit systems) and perhaps Windows 7, but check the .net version on your computer. Adapted for 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 10, and 11, it is not compatible with 32-bit systems with earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows XP or Vista. The software tested successfully on Windows 11 and 10 (64-bit systems). After purchasing, download the zip file and copy it to C:\ directory or root directory. Use any decompression software available to you and decompress the zip file. Uncompressed folders must be named Eliza. Navigate to the folder and call the program ELLIZA.EXE. Click or double-click on the program to find the solution to your problem. Have fun!


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